Installation The Tracker - overview Railway on 13 05 17 - 30 m - Museum Bronbeek, 2013
  • Overview Railway 13 05 04 (image above) and Railway 13 05 17 (image below) – 30 m – on the estate of Museum Bronbeek, 2013
  • April 5 and May 17, 2013
  • Museum Bronbeek, Arnhem-NL
Dirk-Jan schoot in 1941, 2013, oil on canvas, 165 x 110 cm I 65 x 43.3 in
  • Dirk-Jan Schoot in 1941
  • 2013
  • Oil on canvas
  • 165 x 110 cm I 65 x 43.3 in

About Lique’s work

The Tracker
Sourced from photographs and letters in the family archive, including the memoir Dirk Jan wrote about his experiences as a prison laborer on the Pakanbaroe railroad, The Tracker is an installation in which artist Lique Schoot searches for traces of the life of her grandfather, Bronbeker Dirk Jan Schoot (1898 – 1989). This period in his life marked a turning point both for him and for the generations thereafter. The installation shows three paintings, a book about the life of Dirk Jan and three railways of 5, 25 and 30 meters (image above), which are partly within and partly outside the museum of Bronbeek.

Lique was initiator, curator and artist for the following exhibtion at Museum Bronbeek, Arnhem-NL

Bronbekers in Beeld

April 6 – December 31, 2013

Bronbeek is a former Royal palace in Arnhem, Netherlands. It is now a museum and a home for elderly soldiers.

Bronbeek was built early in the 19th century. In 1845 the Dutch King William III bought it. He donated it to the Dutch state in 1859. William wanted it to be a home for disabled KNIL soldiers. The inhabitants took their collections of ‘souvenirs’ with them. This turned into a museum about the history of the Dutch East Indies and the Royal Dutch East Indies Army.

As part of the 150th anniversary, the museum shows the exhibition ‘Bronbekers in Beeld’.
Seven contemporary artworks are situated on the estate of the museum. The works show inhabitants of Bronbeek from 1863 till now, telling the story about Bronbeek, the colony and the KNIL.

The locations of the works are linked to an essential feature of a Bronbeker’s life.

Participating Artists
Lobke Burgers, Dedden & Keizer, Eun Young Lee, Maria Roosen, Lique Schoot, Rob Voerman, and Peter Zwaan

Concept / Development Project
Museum Bronbeek, Max Meijer and Lique Schoot

Lique Schoot

Bronbekers in Beeld, Foundation NOX, 2013, NL

Presentation Catalogue
Hedwig Saam, director Museum Arnhem

Supported by
Mondriaan Fund, V-Foundation and Prins Bernard Culture Foundation

Museum Bronbeek
Velperweg 147
The Netherlands

Installation Mother and Daughter, Museum Bronbeek, 2013
  • Mother and Daughter (Great Grandmother and Grandmother of Lique), 2013
  • Separated by the war, together again in the installation