A Life Story in Pictures

20 Days with Hair Towels (2008-2019)
  • 9 Bedroom Portraits, 2023
  • Oil on linen
  • 100 x 85 cm each

The self-portraits of Lique Schoot are visual autobiographical statements that reflect current times.’

Lique Schoot is a multidisciplinary artist. She works in the tradition of conceptual art. Since her graduation, she has used the self-portrait as a vehicle for exploring the nature of existence. Her work shows identity, daily life, general emotions, and deals with the major themes of life.

Self-portrait 21 05 11
  • Self-portrait 21 05 11

The starting point of her work consists in the LS diaries, a photo diary of more than 7000 daily made self-portraits, begun in October of 2003. Each work is titled by date (y-m-d).


Latest News

Self-portrait 21 05 11
  • Self-portrait 21 05 11


June 16 – 18, 2023

Photos from The Silent Artist (LS diaries) will be displayed as part of Der Greif’s 15th anniversary events.

Der Greif is an award-winning organization for contemporary photography. They are presenting ‘Contextualize’ at Pinakothek der Moderne, a rediscovery of the Der Greif archive and new works from the open call ‘Past and Present’ through an interactive installation and artistic interventions from Friday, June 16 to Sunday, June 18, 2023. Admission is free, and the opening hours are as follows: Friday from 13:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Pavillon 333 – Pinakothek der Moderne, München – DE

20 Days with Hair Towels (2008 - 2019)
  • Self-portrait 08 01 20
  • Provincial Art Collection Gelderland

Zero and Other Heroes

April 7 – June 23, 2023

The new Dreef exhibition Zero and Other Heroes highlights the important art collection of another province: that of the province of Gelderland. The exhibition can be seen from 7 April in Paviljoen Welgelegen.

The collection of the province of Gelderland includes works of art by important artists who were born or bred in this province. In addition to works by Henk Peeters and herman de vries, the selection consists of works by the following artists (in alphabetical order): Klaas Gubbels, Rosemin Hendriks, Seet van Hout, Kinke Kooi, Ine Lamers, Willem den Ouden, Barbara Polderman, Wouter van Riessen , Maria Roosen, Keiko Sato, Lique Schoot, Berend Strik, Levi van Veluw, Carel Visser, Rob Voerman and Ivonne Zijp: The Other Heroes from the title. All 18 artists make or have made an important contribution to contemporary art, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Artist Grant Basic

November 1, 2022 – 2026

Lique’s work is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund from November 1, 2022 – 2026 with an Artist Grant Basic.

Image: Detail sketch for painting installation – ’32 Days in my Bedroom (2005 – 2021)’

Self-portrait 06 07 04
  • L: Self-portrait 06 07 04
  • R: Self-portrait 06 04 11
  • 2023
  • Oil on linen
  • 100 x 85 cm I 39.4 x 33.5 in

A strange and perfect marriage between Warhol and Vermeer.’ – Richard Thompson

New Work – New Series 2023

Lique started working on her next large painting installation ’32 Days in my Bedroom (2005 – 2022)’. The 32 works are painted with oil on linen. Each work is 100 x 85 cm.

Self-portrait 06 04 11

Selected Works (1998 – present)

Lique Schoot, 4 Days in Bathroom Mirrors, UK 1998
The Silent Artist 2004 - 2022, #17