Self-portrait in front of Bathroom Mirror
  • Self-portrait in front of Bathroom Mirror
  • 2000
  • Oil on canvas
  • 100 x 70 cm I 39.8 x 27.6 in
  • Private Collection

On Mirrors, Self-portraits and Selfies

José M. Gentil Baldrich

Published: EGA Revista de Expression Grafica Arquitectonica

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (PoliPapers), November 2018

Mirrors have the quality that permits us recognize ourselves when we look in them. Their consideration in Art and western thought has been very extensive and here we will see only their influence in self-portrait since Antiquity and the veiled psychological influences that they entail. We conclude with the current use in the widespread practice of “selfies” as derived from past situations.

Page 84

…The Dutch artist Lique Schoot, who has a photograph in front of a mirror, also paints herself photographing herself in front of a mirror…

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